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Montana businesses can now easily create a business account on the Montana | US National Labor Exchange (USNLx) website. With your USNLx account, you can:

  • Post Job Openings at no Charge
  • Export Job Postings to State Job Banks, GoogleJobs, LinkedIn and Other Career Sites
  • Manage Your Company Profile
  • Edit, Copy, Repost and Close Jobs Previously Posted on USNLx
  • Get Increased Visibility of your Job Postings on USNLx Syndicate Sites such as Veterans.gov, Apprenticeship.gov and Other Sites Focusing on Recruitment for Veterans, Women, Minorities and Individuals with Disabilities
  • Utilize a Free Automated Software Process that Pulls Job Postings from Eligible Corporate Career Sites and Automatically Adds Them to the USNLx Site
  • Create a Business Account Post a Job with Your USNLx Account Manage Your USNLx Business Account